Application Services

Cubiconia has been doing its best to maintain the trusted partner and provided high quality services of designing, building, and operating enterprise application of various purposes, architectures and technology stacks.

Cubiconia offers the following set of application services:

We combine innovative mind and the in depth knowledge of a wide technology with the aspiration to provide solutions for complex enterprise level challenges in a wide range of industries.

Application Development

We design and deliver web, mobile and cloud business applications of different complexity and for various needs. In the process we pay special attention to their flexibility, security, speed and integration potential.

Application Management

We can take responsibility for the management of your applications ensuring its increased business flexibility and optimized IT costs. Our team will maintain and monitor your application servers and databases taking care of their echanced performance. The list of our application management services includes but is not limited to:

→ Remote application monitoring and performance management
→ Remote application support
→ Help Desk

Application Modernization

Our team implements modernization of legacy applications to increase their efficiency and incorporate them better into a modern enterprise IT strategy.

Application Integration

We can transform multiple independent applications of your IT environment into one coherentl working system allowing for its increased efficiency and user convenience.

Application Security Services

Our security experts can assist enterprises in making their applications resistan to security threats.

Application Testing

We perform comprehensive manual and automated testing for every stage of the application life cycle to timely identify potential risks and verify that your enterprise solutions work correctly and correspond to the established quality requirements.