Smart Absensi

Smart Absensi is a digital attendance system for schools and medium to large organizations. It is website base cloud system with push technology. Transcaction data is sent in realtime to the server. Can be used by multi user in one time access. With automatic synchronization of one machine finger template to other machine in several area. This made efficient and effective attendance system.

How It Works?


. User do attendance on device that has been registered


. User can finger print on device with one finger


. Smart Absensi will get data from machine via Internet


. Finally our online service record the data

Apps for Phones

Apps for Tablets

Apps for TV

Apps for Desktop


Apps for Watch

Features and Modules

Staff Attendance

Auto attendance with many customized configuration

Attendance Reports

Daily, weekly, monthly attendances for sections

Schedule Management

 Can manage working period with customaize views

A Proven Process Time & Time Again

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